I was looking up AC? Peulevé in Air 78 as he baled out of Blenheim Mk 1-F L8400 of 23 Sqn on February 22, 1940 at Tonbridge, Kent

There are only two Peulevé in Air 78 so t was easy to id the crewman concerned as 'Donald Hilary Peulevé' #614230 - I thought I would check with CWGC on the spelling of his Surname and it says 'David Hilary Peulevé' ok which one is correct?

Well Freebmd says David H Peuleve born Qtr 2 1919 Aston which would match up where his parents were from. He was later killed in Blenheim Mk. IV R3747 on 12/06/1940 with 15 Sqn

BTW is Peulove on the overseas war deaths files but still David H