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Thread: 12 Squadron ORB Air Gunner Missing on Nurnberg raid March 1944

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    Default 12 Squadron ORB Air Gunner Missing on Nurnberg raid March 1944

    Does anyone have a copy of the 12 Squadron ORB for late 1943? I am researching an Air Gunner Sgt Peter Henry Brown RAF who was later transferred to 166 Squadron and Killed in action on the Nurnberg raid 30.3.44. I am trying to find out what ops he did on 12 squadron, who with and what happened to his original 12 squadron crew. Thanks, B.

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    Default 12 Squadron ORB.

    Hello there,
    1305927 Sgt.Peter Henry Brown was posted in to 12 Squadron from 1656 C.U. 9/10/43 with the rest of his crew;
    1621710 Sgt.James William Birchall,pilot (service number given as 1621170).
    1691004 Sgt.James Wilson,F/E.
    1323852 Sgt.Peter Rawlings,A/B.
    1048521 Sgt.Henry Ivison Wilcock,WOAG.
    1600028 Sgt.Robert Ellaway,navigator.
    1563332 Sgt.Leslie Allan Henson,A/G.
    On the night of 18-19/10/43,Birchall,Wilson,Rawlings,Wilcock and Henson were on a second pilot sortie to Hanover with F/L.J.N.Rowland as captain,P/O.D.J.Parry as navigator and Sgt.K.V.Robinson as MU/AG in aircraft JB359 'Q'.Just after bombing and still in the target area they suffered two attacks by an S/E aircraft identified as an Me.109.Both gunners were injured,Robinson badly.In the combat report (AIR50/292,pages 475 and 478),it is reported that Sgt.Birchall was also injured during the combat.As the Me.109 attacked for the second time F/L.Rowland throttled back causing the fighter to overshoot and allowing Sgt.Rawlings to fire several short bursts from the front turret.No claim was made
    As a result,Sgts.Birchall and Robinson were posted to Ludford Magna N/E.
    As far as I can see,Sgt.Brown flew only one sortie with 12 Squadron,on 10-11/11/43 to Modane in JB359 'Q' as MU/AG with F/O.J.H.Bracewell and crew,before he was posted out to 1667 C.U. 30/11/43.On the same day,Wilcock and Henson were posted to 1656 C.U. and Wilson to 1662 C.U.
    Hope this is of interest,
    Regards,Mark Simpson.
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    Default PH Brown

    12 Sqn ORB page for 10-11/11/43 emailed to Barnsley.



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