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Daily Mirror: July 7, 1926


Pilot Only Bruised After Leap from Crashing Plane

When a single-sealer aeroplane crashed yesterday at Farnborough, Kent, the pilot escaped unhurt by making a parachute descent.
The machine, one of the latest types of fighting 'planes, nose-dived and crashed in a field near the main road. As it descended Pilot Officer Evans was seen to leap out with a parachute. He landed among a herd of cows.
Passengers in an omnibus rushed to him and found that he was cut, bruised and slightly dazed, but his machine was a total wreck, the engine being buried in the ground and its tail sticking up into the air.

Can anyone provide any other information on this incident?? If details are true then it is a 'unknown' parachute drop. I wonder if anyone can suggest who Pilot Officer Evans was.. He may have been Pilot Officer SIDNEY ARTHUR VERNON EVANS of 56 Sqn (who had Glebes at the time). he killed in flying accident 4th Feb 1927 - But there may have been Evans of other Sqns who flew over Kent at time..

I can't find any reference in 56 Sqn ORB so maybe not this person or Sqn

Thanks Paul