This chap was awarded an Immediate DFM on his crews very first op to Stuttgart on the 15/16.3.44 Flying with 166 Squadron they were attacked by an ME109 which made 6 passes. Both gunners opened fire damaging the enemy a/c but the Lancaster was hit as well including the rear turret suffering extensive cannon shell damage which sadly killed the Rear Gunner, Sgt Riddle. The a/c returned to base. The crew ,minus Sgt Harris, J.A. who suffered injuries to his hands, were quickly back on ops again only to go missing 11 days later.
The reason for the post is to ask anyone out there if they recognise a Sgt J.A. Harris DFM appearing in another squadrons ORB sometime after March 1944 because he doesn't appear to have returned to 166 Sqn ( he might have been taken off operations altogether of course)