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Thread: 115 squadron loss 30.11.44

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    Default 115 squadron loss 30.11.44

    the following crew members were lost onboard a Lancaster 1 (KO) H.PD367, target Osterfeld
    F/L F.G Holloway Pilot
    F/O E Jones Navigator
    P/O D.C Macintosh Air Bomber
    W/O E Young WOP / Air gunner
    W/O E Standring Mid Upper
    F/O G.G Lousada Rear Gunner
    F/S J.G.Milne FLT.ENG

    Both Holloway and Young had earned the DFM,

    what i would like to know if anyone can help is how far into the tour this crew were, also there seems to be alot of rank in this crew, is this unusual?

    I have the medals of F/O E Jones, he has a defence medal to go with his A/crew europe, 39-45 star and war medal.
    His service number was 148382 which i am told is for enlistment at Cardington and Padgate for september 1939.

    Sadly i only have the flights they flew from the 27th - 30th November 44 so what was this man doing from 1939 - 44?

    Can anyone out there help me with any information regarding this man and this crew?
    Thank you

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    Found two LG entries for JONES:

    To be Plt. Offs. on prob. (emergency)
    Sgts. - 1382968 Elwyn Jones (148382) 8 May 1943.
    (3rd Supp. to LG of 20 Aug 1943, published 24 Aug 1943).

    Plt. Offs. (prob.) to be Flg. Offs. on prob. (war subs.)
    E. Jones (148382)
    (3rd Supp. to LG of 30 Nov 1943, published 3 Dec 1943)

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    Eddie Fell Guest


    Hi Brett

    It seems to me your man enlisted at Euston some time after August 1940. It is his NCO number that is used to determine his place of Enlistment.

    The rank mix is not unusual - both Holloway and Young were 'second tourists' it seems so some of the others may also have been.



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