Message for COL BRUGGY. Can you recall where you found the following details that Suttor was on the Oronsay please?

From your post on 4th Oct 2013. Re: Wellington LB137.

* F/Sgt Suttor RAAF, was aboard the "Oronsay" when it was torpedoed and sunk by the Italian submarine, "Archimede", off the west coast of Africa on 9-10-1942. Along with other personnel, he was picked up by the Vichy French Sloop, "Dumont D'Eurville", and taken into Dakar and interned. He was eventually released after the "Torch" landings, and later continued his journey to the UK.

I`m a bit confused as record for Victor Francis Suttor AUS412750 says he embarked on 28th March 1942. Regards Dave