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Thread: The Hawker Hurricane Database (Beta)

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    Default The Hawker Hurricane Database (Beta)

    Okay this is a pet idea of mine.. but only made possible because of the data that was being shared by our members and researchers.

    This is an attempt to build the first online “Database” for Hawker Hurricane airframes. This is intended to be a crowd-sourced project so if you have an interest in this aircraft, please email the webmaster at admin AT

    The database can be accessed at

    Consider the current state as a “Beta” version.

    What can you do with this data? you can figure out the “Mark” , search on partial serials, Get the “TOC” and “SOC” Dates, Look up the “Details” page and see the recorded “Incidents” and “Accidents” against the serial, figure out the Country that the airframe was sent to or ended up with and a few other operations .. you could try looking up engine numbers too – less than a couple of dozen examples are populated in the table..

    Multiple Researchers have got together to build this database. Prominent among them are Geoffrey Sinclair and John Engelsted. Geoff contributed the Mark wise data, the country shipments, TOC/SOC/WO dates.

    Want to be part of the project? - send me an email and I will set up access to the DB file that is the source for this information. you can update one entry or a thousand.. depends on the interest you have in this aircraft... this cant go any where without the 'crowd sourcing' portion of it

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