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Thread: RAF Casualty Packs 1939-45 Public Access

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    Default RAF Casualty Packs 1939-45 Public Access

    In 2012 the MoD undertook a consultation into the views of interested parties in releasing RAF Casualty Packs from the period 1939 to 1945 to public access at The National Archives.

    Please note the extent is limited to FB or Battle losses, FA or Accident Losses are excluded from the current consultation.

    The Outcome of the consultation has now been published.

    The headline is:

    "MOD will therefore commence transfer of the RAF casualty packs to The National Archives in 2013. The packs will be released in date order, commencing with those created in 1939."

    When I approached the TNA for confirmation the reply was

    "We have agreed with MoD to select the RAF Casualty Packs. AIR 81/1-1488 are currently in the process of being catalogued and prepared for transfer to TNA."

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