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Thread: Help with information on Hurricane (Canadian?) seat

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    Default Help with information on Hurricane (Canadian?) seat

    Hi there,

    I have always been keen to own some meaningful memento of the war and recently came across a seat from a Hurricane at a meet in Kent. I am not sure how much I am ever going to know about its life but would really appreciate anyone's thoughts or help.
    It has various numbers and codes on it, I'm not sure if any are important. They include CCF MIS on the back and BAG3004 on the top with several others.
    The guy I bought it off believed it had been found in Kent. The seat was very clean and the metal in good condition considering, so I'm not sure where it has been.
    I have some pictures but am unsure how to upload them on here.
    Does anyone have some knowledge and interest in this area?

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    Not sure how you established a Canadian connection to the seat, but the letters "CCF" are possibly for Canadian Car & Foundry of Montreal, Quebec. CC&F built about 1,400 Hurricanes-approx. 10% of total production.

    Cheers, Ken

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