In September 1953, (Sqn Ldr) de Burgh was CO of No.16 Squadron and accompanied his display team to Nice, which was due to take part in an international meet. En-route, the canopy of his Vampire shattered over the Alps and damaged the tail plane. The Vampire was subsequently 'dumped' at Nice airport and reportedly abandoned. The identity of the Vampire has never been established but I think that it was VZ809, which was returned to the UK later in the year and re-entered service with 233 OCU and 5 FTS.

There is, reportedly, an airport log for September 1953 in existence and can I please ask if anyone has further information on the event, has access to the airport log, or has a copy of de Burgh's log book? Are their any surviving relatives which can be contacted?

Thank you in advance.

Dave W