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Thread: 115 Squadron 'Despite the Elements' - information.

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    Default 115 Squadron 'Despite the Elements' - information.

    Hello. My grandfather was part of 115 squadron. He was a flight engineer and his name was Gordon Parsloe.
    He has very recently passed away and I am trying to find as much information as possible before his funeral.
    he joined in late 1940/early 1941, I know he was based at Witchford for a while and flew wellingtons and lancasters. He did not have his medals any more, i would really like to find out what he had (I have been told he would have had 39/45 Star, Aircrew Star and War Medal) Also some specific dates, planes etc. I would like to find a few specifics and if I could find his name listed anywhere for any missions etc that would be great.
    If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. My email is
    thanks in advance, and what a great forum.
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    Hi Steve,

    That's a lot of info you're looking for and difficult to collect in the short time I assume you have before the funeral. To start with, was your grandfather RAF or perhaps in another Allied force?

    You can find information on 115 Sqn in the Commands Overview (Bomber) section of the website. Here's the link to the 115 Sqn dates:

    You can also do a search for 115 Sqn and get some good stuff. Here is a link to RAF Web, which is run by one of our members.

    You can also do a search for RAF Witchford and get the history of the place from Wikipedia and other sites.

    Some of the specifics you are asking for would come from his service file, which you would have to apply to see as a family member, but it takes a long time and so won't be useful for you at the moment.

    I will leave it to the other members to add suggestions and pick up any of the threads of your query.

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