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Thread: L.E.H. Ullrich and No.502 Squadron

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    Default L.E.H. Ullrich and No.502 Squadron

    This man was Mentioned in Despatches, 1 January 1945 for instructional duties at No.1674 Conversion Unit but he had previously served in No.502 Squadron (4 August 1942 to 1 February 1944). A press report stated that he had survived four crashes overseas (in one of which the aircraft broke into three pieces) and that he flew a total of 86 sorties. His service file indicates 56 to 65 sorties. Although the "four crashes" is not verified, at least one is confirmed, viz:

    Crash, 1 January 1943: Member of crew of Whitley VII, serial Z9372, 1 January 1943, just outside boundary of St. Eval aerodrome, Cornwall. Mission described as “Shipping patrol”. Report of incident stated, “Aircraft was hit by flak during patrol putting hydraulics out of action. W/T operator unable to make contact with diversion aerodrome (Chivenot) so Captain decided to maintain contact with St. Eval and attempt QGH procedure there, as petrol was getting low. Wheels were lowered by emergency system and aircraft broke cloud at about 100 feet. Even at a low altitude, only occasional glimpses of the ground could be obtained, and on the third attempt to get in when port fuel gauge registered 30/50 gallons, visibility improved. Aircraft was then north of aerodrome. Setting course for aerodrome at low altitude to get in the port engine cut and Captain made crash landing dead ahead.”

    Aircraft was hit by flak from enemy ship which rendered hydraulics unserviceable, hence the need to pump down the undercarriage manually; flaps could not be lowered at all. Aircraft had been airborne 11 hours 15 minutes when petrol exhausted. “It is considered that the Captain carried out an excellent crash landing in difficult circumstances resulting in only minor injuries to members of his crew.”

    Can details of this incident (most notably identification of the captain and any others crew members). Can any other "crashes" involving him (regardless of crew) be identified ?

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    Crew of No.502 Sqn Whitley VII Z9372:

    106086 F/O (Pilot) Alfred William WOOD RAFVR - Slightly injured (later DFC, BEM).
    AUS401776 Sgt (Pilot) Robert William DIX RAAF - Slightly Injured, right leg.
    123092 P/O (Nav./B.) Philip Raymond AITKEN RAFVR - Uninj.
    R/82733 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Louis Ernest Henry ULLRICH RCAF - Uninj. (later J/17513 MiD).
    1311417 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) H S VINCE RAFVR - Uninj.
    1065331 Sgt (W.Op./Air Gnr.) H P JORDAN RAFVR - Uninj.

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