Hello all

I have enjoyed dabbling in some of the conversations in this forum for some time and feel I am long overdue for actually dipping a toe in the water and getting involved.
I have spent some time trying to track down any snippet of information on Hudson FH385, 269 squadron which failed to return from an ASR sweep on September 2nd 1942 out of Kaldadarnes, Iceland. I have the crew details and squadron notes from the day and confess my interest is infact due to the passenger they had taken along with them. Eric Ravilious was an official war artist who had a short but highly distinguished career and those of you who have visited the Imperial war museum may be familiar with his work / if not a google search should not disappoint. Eric was my great uncle and died long before I was born however his daughter Anne was a close first cousin to my mother and remains very much in the family loop.

I decided recently to build a model of the missing Hudson and have embarked on a rather autistic search for as much detail on the aircraft as I can muster. It was a MK111a which settles the basics however the squadron leader described the machine as the designated ASR aircraft which got me wondering if it might have carried one of the early airborne lifeboats. Other unconfirmed details include radome y/n, likely interior layout and armament. Any expertise or indeed memories would be greatly appreciated / a photo of the aircraft ( which actually served with 500 squadron before 269 I understand ) would be the projects holy grail if such a thing exists.

many thanks