Dear Colleagues,

I'm hoping that some of you may be able to help me with further information on the following Ju-88's of 3.(F) Aufklärungsgruppe 122.

From my own research I believe I know the fate of these two aircraft and from LW Loss Report (microfilm roll #6) I also have the following information:

Ju 88A-5 WNr 0649 (or 5649?) of 3.(F) Aufklärungsgruppe 122
Uffz. Hans Schorn and crew MIA 25.7.42

Ju 88D-1 WNr 1515 of 3.(F) Aufklärungsgruppe 122
Oblt. Heinrich Henze, (B), Uffz. Rudolf Pilz, (F) and two other crew lost MIA 29.7.42

I'm hoping for answers to the following questions:

1. The correct WNr for the Ju 88A-5 lost on 25.7.42.
2. Any further names/details of the missing crewmen.
3. Does the German equivalent of an ORB exist for this unit? If so where/how can I obtain a copy of it?
4. What camouflage scheme was used on 3.(F) Aufklärungsgruppe 122 Ju-88's during July 1942?
5. Does anyone have any photos of these airframes? (Although it's a needle in a haystack hope - you never know unless you ask!)

Thank you all in advance/anticipation for your help.