A Mosquito of No. 169 Squadron RAF took off from Great Massingham on 12th August 1944 at 21.40 hrs. for a patrol over Heligoland. The aircraft failed to return from this mission. It crashed near the village of Jouswier in Holland. Both crewmembers, Frederick Charles Bone and Wilfred Handel Miller, succeeded in bailing out and were taken prisoner by the Germans.

In 2005 Fg Off Bone's medals were sold in Australia. No members of his family lived there. The auctioneers were not able to tell me who the buyer was for reasons of confidentiality other than that he lived in Victoria. They attempted to contact the buyer on my behalf but he had moved on from the address he gave. I have also tried a medal collector's society in Australia without success.

With the medals was information about Frederick which would be of interest to me.

Does anyone have any information as to who the current owner is?