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Thread: 684 Squadron - Loss on 2/8/45

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    ladybug7 Guest

    Default 684 Squadron - Loss on 2/8/45

    Just found this Group, and noticed that in Feb. 2006 someone was asking for info. re loss of Beaufighter on 2/8/45 near Rangoon. I have some more details as my Mum's first husband was the navigator on the flight (William McLure Earl). If the person who wanted info is still active on the Group, then please feel free to e mail me direct.

    Lesley Halliday

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    Martin Guest

    Default Martin. Re 684 Sqn.


    I am interested in details relating to the death of PO Jacob Munday on 2/8/45. I have this chaps medals and some documentation. I know that he was a member of 684 Sqn.
    I would be grateful of any info.

    Kind regards.


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