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Thread: Watty Watkinson + Spitfire X4322 Batts Wood, Sussex

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    Default Watty Watkinson + Spitfire X4322 Batts Wood, Sussex

    Sorry to raise this query yet again.

    However I've reviewed the records of this casualty. Incidentally Watty died Oct 18th 1985.

    According to 66Sqn ORB interception patrol 1315hrs 28th Sept 1940 'Watkinson and Wright were shot down but landed the planes alright'

    Although on the other hand the Police report clearly stated that he bailed out and 'landed only 10yds from his plane'

    I strikes me the police have possibly written a 'tongue-in-cheek' report about a pilot who in fact climbed 10yds down a latter from the tree/s in which X4322 rested.

    2 locals supplied info. about a man going with a ladder to get him down and a sighting of the tail of this Spitfire sticking out of the treetops as viewed from across the valley.

    I'd love to see the logbook entry as I'm inclined to think that this is one very rare instance of a pilot force-landing his Spitfire in the branches of a tree. Now what are the chances of that!!

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    Default Re watty watkinson

    Hi there, Watty Watkinson was my grandfather. I have his silk worm he received after he got out of his plane in a parachute. I have many of the original photos that were used in the book 10 fighter boys. I do not have any of his medals. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding them.
    After the war he lived in Rhodesia and farmed sugar cane. He had two daughters and six grandchildren.
    Debbie Lyn Tanner

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