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Thread: RAF prisoners aboard the warship Prinz Eugen

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    Default RAF prisoners aboard the warship Prinz Eugen

    I have 3 photos which I've copied from the web, 2 clearly show RAF airmen going ashore from the "Prinz Eugen" in May 1942 and another is an aircraft in the sea (possibly theirs). I hope that they might be of interest to members but I am not clever enough to upload them here, can anybody help please.

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    Hi Pete, very interesting.

    Well I have the advice how to add the photos on the top of the forum -I was thinking it is the same for all members - it says:

    We are testing out a new feature where you can upload Images to the site for sharing on the forum. Go to this link Guest Album and click "Add" to upload images.

    At this time you can only add images. You cannot edit them - i.e change caption, rotate, move,delete etc. However you can contact the site admin and request removal of any images should you change your mind.

    While uploading images, please provide a Unique Tag - eg: your user name or the date YYYYMMDD , so that it would be easy to retrieve by using the tag.

    After an image is uploaded, you can locate the "Show BB Code > Full Size > Thumbnail Links" option in the right hand side bar and use it to copy the links


    Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945

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    Hi Pete,

    I would be interested in viewing the photos you mention. It's possible I may be able to identify the airmen in them. If you are unable to post them on the forum can you drop me an e-mail (address available via my profile on here).

    Many thanks

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