I would welcome the advice, opinions or knowledge of all. I've recently uploaded an image which is a not-very-good screenshot of a page from a photograph album of a member of the Rhodesian Air Training Group, the album was for auction on ebay some years ago but was too steep for me, though of great interest because my father was a pilot with the RATG from 1943 to 1945.
Dad's logbook shows that he flew a Hurricane on one particular occasion, there were a few attached to the Group, though he didn't include any other details, even the serial number, which was most unlike him - he was meticulous in every other respect.
What I'm particularly interested in trying to find out is the possible colour scheme of the Hurricane in the picture. It appears to be predominantly a two colour marking, I suspect yellow and silver. The fuselage aft of the cockpit and the outer portion of the wings are the same hue, the remainder the other hue.
Any thoughts would be very welcomed.