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Thread: 357 Squadron loss - 15/03/1944

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    Default 357 Squadron loss - 15/03/1944

    That's great information from Hugh. My file on the AM949 loss and its aftermath just doubled. Thanks for your input, Hugh, and I'm glad I could add my bits. Good luck to you, Mike, on your worthy project.


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    Default 357 Squadron loss

    I've only just come across this website today, so forgive any misunderstanding on my part.

    I note that Mike (Sniper) asks about other info' re the pilot, Flt.Lt. James Albert King. I know that Jimmy finished the war with DSO*, DFC**, AFC. I knew him during part of what I think was his last tour in the RAF before retirement at RAF Kinloss c.1958/59. At the time I was Admin.Wing Adj & temp Station Adj: Jimmy was Families Officer.

    Our Station Commander at the time was Group Capt Jeff Greswell and Wg.Cdr Mick Ensor (both DSO & DFC recipients) was also resident. But Jimmy, then the most senior Flt.Lt. in the RAF, was someone special and everyone, including visiting Air Officers, made a point of paying their respects to him. Jimmy was quiet, charming and unassuming and like most other highly decorated men that I had the honour to meet, would never talk about his war service.

    Just recently, in reply to my enquiries of the RAF Museum, I have been told that there are references to Jimmy in Robert Jackson's "The secret squadrons: Special duty units of the RAF and USAAF in the Second World War" and in Kenneth Merrick's "Flights of the forgotten: Special duties operations in World War Two".

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