Hi , i am hoping some one can help me out with this one , Robert Hardie Casburn RAFVR 162938 Pilot

was Killed 12/5/45 Flying Mustang KH644 of 122 Sqd this Sqd he joined on the 13/4/45 He is Buried at Longside Aberdeenshire .

he had before his death at 122 Sqd served with 66 Sqd where he had 3 Shared Claims and a Prang in Spitfire NH345 in this Prang he was Injured .

He had also attended No 5 PAFU and had survived a Master crash In Breconshire in Oct 42 .

He hailed from San Francisco California USA .

I am trying to assertain his early Flight training prior to Joining 5 PAFU and which OTU he attended in the UK , Please can anyone help with any detail on this American Pilot

TIA Phill Jones