I found this discussion (http://www.rafcommands.com/archive/09187.php) re Flight Lieutenant Gillian Lorne Campbell 81680 on the old DCBoard Forum. Unfortunately the thread is now closed.

I would be interested in contacting either the original poster Tom Stone or any descendants of the parents of Gillian Lorne Campbell. His father may have been Sir Edward Tawell Campbell who died in 1945 and was MP for Bromley.

My father-in-law was in Sqn 236 and 272 with Gillian whom he knew as Punch and Gillian later transferred to Boscombe Down where my father-in-law was stationed. Gillian, approximately 3 weeks before he died, was the best man at my in-laws wedding. Both my in-laws are now deceased.

From my father-in-laws photo library from WWII, there are photos with Gillian in them.