Hi all, grateful for any assistance here:

1. During the Berlin campaign, Form A (the Bomber Command executive order for an operation) usually gives the Aiming Point in the form of '1,250 yards, 270 degrees from Berlin "B"' The distance and bearing is different for each operation to account for route in and to try and hit relatively undamaged areas. Does anyone know the location of Berlin B - either Lat/Long or description?

2. When did Bomber Command first identify the names 'Wilde Sau' and 'Zahme Sau'? Both are named in assessments from late 1944, but when were they first mentioned?

3. Ops orders from the period reference BCSSI 82 as a description on using enemy beacons for navigational purposes. I've tried the 'original reference' routine with TNA 'Discovery' searches, but no joy. Any ideas if this (and any other Signal Instructions) are available anywhere?

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