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Thread: Search and Rescue aided by glowing red light at aviation mishap in high Arctic

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    Default Search and Rescue aided by glowing red light at aviation mishap in high Arctic

    Elderly pilot with extensive flying experience has clean safety record.
    At the scene the pilot offered the following explanation:
    “Takeoff from our base in Canada was on schedule according to the flight plan. Immediately after takeoff, as I was banking to starboard onto our first leg down to the Line Islands, a sudden and intense snow-squall blew up. Attempting to avoid the squall I banked hard to port. Due to the abrupt banking manoeuvre, a cross-wind gust, the attitude of the aircraft, and the open-cockpit design, a package was flung out of the cargo bay. I circled back flying low and slow. With the assistance of our navigator’s unique personal lighting system the missing cargo was quickly spotted. I put-down in the general area then detailed two of the boys to retrieve the box. We were ready for takeoff when all you lot arrived. You will excuse me if I cut this short as we have a very busy schedule tonight. We really must be off. And, yes, I’ve heard all the rumours about privatising my route; but, no, I’m not the least bit worried. No courier service has any hope of ever coming close to matching my numbers tonight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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    Note to self:
    Request from self a pair of Night Vision Goggles for future loss of important packages.
    Red light on front of aircraft may be confused with Port and Starboard lighting as required by Civil Aviation Authority. Does this aircraft classify as a 'Classic' and is consequently exempt from these requirements.

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