Who is "Harry" 23 Sqn Early 1939

Thread: Who is "Harry" 23 Sqn Early 1939

  1. paulmcmillan said:


    "Reference I have asked for quotation on copying"


    107 Pages at 2.80 per page = 300 (all but 40p) I think I will have to visit the Nat Archives unless some here can copy it for me ? (I will reimburse costs)

  2. Errol Martyn said:



    For about one 30th of that price you could have the file photographed through a chap called Lee Richards:


    I have used him from time to time and found his service to be excellent.

  3. paulmcmillan said:


    Errol thanks for heads up I have contacted Lee Paul
  4. paulmcmillan said:


    I managed to see a copy of Air 2/5091 today - I am glad I did not order it (as I would have been disappointed that it did not add anything to my research). Basically it contains schemes and orders to prevent trigger happy Home Guard troops and angry civilians from opening fire on descending Pilots in the assumption they are German pilots

    It details at least 3 cases where descending pilots were shot up or roughed up in the BoB including A F/Lt James Brindley Nicolson on 16/8/40 (the incident in which he won the VC) - In another case someone suggested the Home guard troops should be prosecuted for murder - So the publicity of this may be to avoid the 'shoot first ask questions later' mentality

    It also makes the claim that a number of RAF personnel were killed by French civilians in May 1940 - I wonder if anyone else has heard this allegation before?

    I will need to get the French part translated but some dates mentioned

  5. paulmcmillan said:


    Just an update I am now 99% sure Westland = Wittering and "Tom" = Percy Don Walker/ I have read an article about the collision between Hart Trainer K4977 and Bristol Blenheim Mk I-F L1465 in which a statement from Walker was read at the inquest on Acting P/O William Leonard Wright and A/Sgt Leslie George Tarrant. It matches what is stated in the Express article except a small number of details. One 'article says night' it was actually during the day. Secondly the article says Tom uninjured but also limping (so contradicts itself)! Walker broke his leg on landing
  6. paulmcmillan said:


    As an aside I think this photo


    features in the Background Blenheim L1447 of 23Sqn crashed on landing, Wittering. 21 March 1939 with Maintenance Serial 1352M (it could only be this as only other 135xM Blenheim was 1355M - L1455 and the last digit not a 5)


    BTW Hurricane is Hurricane is L1559 1359M ex-111Squadron Forced landed by Sgt H.R.Gunn near Dorking in bad weather on the 17.01.39