My uncle, F/O Gerald Edward Geeves lost his life 02 Jan. 1945 with No. 405 (R.C.A.F.) Sqdn. This was his only flight with Lawson and crew and it was the final op of his second tour before coming home for good. Prior to that time, he flew with S/L Donald John “Tex” McQuoid and his last op with him was dated 29 Dec. 1944 according a document I have. In the 3 days between Dec. 29th 1944 and Jan 2, 1945, McQuoid was involved in an automobile accident and was hospitalized. He didn’t resume his flying duties until late Jan. of ’45. My uncle was given the option by his C/O to either wait until McQuoid was out of hospital or choose another crew. He chose option 2.

McQuoid’s daughter sent me a picture of her dad with his crew which I will upload. The picture is undated and no names are mentioned other than 2. This could have been taken in the fall of ’44. Geeves is shown 3rd from the right side of the picture and next to him is McQuoid. The picture shows 8 men. According to an earlier ORB I have, McQuoid would take “extra guests”on his sorties. The older man on the far left could be a guest. Was this a normal thing to do?

Just hoping there are some people on this forum who would recognize any of the men in the picture.