Hi all,

You may or may not be aware of this website called - http://www.aircrewremembered.com/

It is a fantastic database of personal memories of aircrew and loss report details, pictures, German fighter claims....the list goes on...Its a collaboration of the reader, family members or veteran aircrew. People can look, research add information to the database....its a real gem of a site.

I have just liased with the site where I have submitted personal stories relating to my grandfathers (Leslie Davenport) ops with 7 Squadron / pow antics ,with names that appear from my grandfathers wartime log. You never know a relatives name might come up!

Here are the links that relate to my grandfathers 2 bailing outs (entitled with the pilot that was flying the Stirling), one over Norfolk the other over Recklinghausen Germany and also a pictures page, you may help me identify some unknown faces!




Take a look and spread the word of this great site.


Ian Davenport