Hi, just wondering if anyone reading this can shed more light on the circumstances of the loss of 2 wellington crews on the night of 7th into the 8th aug 43, north sicily/southern tip of Italy?
I have copies of the squadron reports (540/541) but I was hoping some relatives of the crew would get in touch with some more info. My dads uncle was sgt William (Bill) Garner on board he657, the other aircraft was he613. It seems obvious they went down in the sea & is heartbreaking to think they & hundreds like them are still there with nothing but a name on a memorial, & little or no chance of them being recovered. He was only 20 & the rest of the crew little more than that.
I have a digital copy of a sketch sent home by Bill of himself & the crew next to their plane which shows artwork on the nose. I would be glad to share it with permission from my aunt who holds the
original to crew relatives, would be great to put names to the figures as it shows size/build etc.
would be good to know their positions/jobs on the aircraft.
Many thanks - Chris.