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Thread: 'Air Power at the Battlefront: Allied close air support in Europe 1943-45' Gooderson

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    Default 'Air Power at the Battlefront: Allied close air support in Europe 1943-45' Gooderson

    Hello, this is a long shot and taking a liberty but does anyone have a copy of this book? I am writing an piece about the use of Strategic Air Power in the Tactical role April to September 1944. The book (you can look inside it on Amazon) has what appears to be a relatively short section on the Heavy Bombers contribution to the scenario and costs 35 odd quid. Hence me trying to avoid having to purchase for what might be relatively little use. Anyone out there who can help out with a scan of the relevant pages??

    Also anyone know any other books that might deal with the topic?

    Thanks and I hope I don't sound too miserly!

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    Barnsley, Hi,

    The subject of your paper is a bit of a minefield!! The use of Strategic assets in a Tactical sense is, one would have thought, a relatively simple concept. However, throughout WW2 there were Senior Commanders (of all 3 Services in the Allies) who had huge egos, a somewhat idiosyncratic approach to the task, and who did not always obey the dictates of their Superiors (both military and political). The period you are looking at has one prime example! I would be interested in seeing how you deal with him!!!!
    You might try Chester Wilmot’s “Struggle For Europe”. First published in 1952 (and, thus, one of the earliest definitive accounts of the later half of WW2) it was “required reading” at the UK Service Staff Colleges!
    Good luck!
    Peter Davies
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