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Thread: Victory claims by Whitley air gunners in BC

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    Default Victory claims by Whitley air gunners in BC


    I am looking for information about the involved squadrons for a number a victory claims made by Whitley crews. Following summaries are from the Interception/tactics night reports (AIR 14/3371 and 3372). I have not found any surviving combat reports from the period when No.4 Group used Whitleys and because of this I have not been able to establish which squadrons made these claims. I am also interested in additional information (names of air gunners, pilot and a/c identities).

    Night 29/30 June 1941, target Bremen
    “4 Group: Bremen 0115 hrs, severe flak and S/Ls – A/c flew through and was held by lights, flak ceased and A/c was attacked from astern by Me.110, M/g was hit and rear gun turret was damaged, tail gunner was also hit, but he returned enemies fire and claims that the enemy aircraft was destroyed.”

    Night 3 /4 July 1941, target Essen
    “Venlo, 5 miles S. 0214 hours, 11,000 ft. E/A sighted below 400 yards astern. It fired a very long burst hitting our a/c. E/A (identified as Me.110), closed to 300 yards, our gunner fired 8 short bursts. E/A closed to 50 yards still firing, broke away to starboard and rear gunner fired long burst, E/A not seen again and claimed as damaged”

    Night 6/7 August 1941, target Frankfurt
    “Vogelsang 15 miles S 0114 hrs, 17,000 ft, brilliant moon with slight haze above cloud tops, 10/10 cloud below. Me.110 first seen at 1,000 yds and 1/200 ft above on starboard beam made dive attack from 600 yds on Whitley with cannon and M.G., closing and passing straight under rear turret. Second attack delivered 800 to 200 yds on port quarter, orange tracer fired. R/G of Whitley fired on E/A as he broke away after this attack with long burst, smoke trail of incendiaries seen enter fuselage of E/A which dived steeply as if out of control. Action lasted 3 minutes. Our electric turret control and R/G’s reflector sight damaged in first attack, hydraulic system U/S, landing tyres punctured, front turret also holed.”

    Night 14/15 August, target Hannover
    “Vicinity Vechta 0009 hrs, 12,000 ft. Whitley a/c held in S/Ls attacke by Me.110 which approached from 250 yds to within 50 ft. from port astern across to starboard firing cannon and M/G. One shell pierced fuselage and auxiliary tank on port side of a/c. R/G fired 6/800 rounds and saw bullets enter main plane. One engine of Me. caught fire and was seen for some time losing height. Our a/c lost height to 6,500 ft. in evasive action during engagement which lasted about two minutes.”

    Night 31 August/1 September 1941, target Essen
    “Venlo 2315 hrs, 13,000 ft. S/E E/A seen astern. Whitley dived to 5,000 ft. followed by E/A who opened attack from about 100 ft, firing one burst which hit starboard wing. R/G of Whitley fired 3 bursts and saw tracer enter wing of E/A who broke off action. ”

    Night 1 / 2 October 1941, target Stuttgart
    “Landau Vicinity 2239 hrs, 4,000 ft. T/E E/A with lights on approached to within 600 yds astern. Turned off to starboard and disappeared. R/G had turned turret following this A/C, when he saw S/E E/A possible Me.109 coming up from starboard quarter 100 yards away. R/G fired burst approx. 200 rounds. E/A which began to climb exposed belly of fuselage into which R/G fired a further burst,E/A stalled, turned over, burst into flames and fell down into clouds. Action was also seen by second pilot, our A/C was a Whitley and was not held in S/L, I.F.F. had not been used; claimed as destroyed.”
    Night 10/11 Jan 1942, target Emden
    “54° 00’ N, 06° 00’ E – Borkum 40 miles NE – 1925 hours 14,000 ft Whitley V saw Me.110 300 yds dead astern slightly below. E/A approached with headlight. R/G fired a 15 sec. burst. E/A continued to approach to 200 yds, fired an inaccurate short burst and went into a steep dive. Approx one minute later a fire was observed in sea. E/A claimed as destroyed. No damage to Whitley,”

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Peter,

    Please contact me off-board. I've all ORB's of Whitley operating squadrons.


    P.S. 3/4 July 1941 was 10 Squadron

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