The Musuem at Digby display a copy of the OPs board showing the serials of all the Hurricanes and Spitfires engagaed in one of the first aerial combats of WW2. This took place on October 21st 1939 over the River Humber approaches. The three squadrons shown on the board are 611 (Spitfire)
46 ( Hurricane )and 504 Hurricane. The ORB's for each squadron match the serials shown on the Ops board with the exception of 504 and these are not recorded. However the serials for 504 on the Ops board are those of Blenheims, mainly from 229 Sqdn. This squadron was at Digby during that period and were converting to Hurricanes but does anybody know why Blenheim serials have been included. The Board is supposed to be a true representation.