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Thread: W/O dates for Masters N7557 and N7562

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    Default W/O dates for Masters N7557 and N7562

    The first edition of the A-B "N serials” (published 1977) lists both of these aircraft as “Destroyed in air raid, Montrose 18.7.1942”.

    A revised edition, combined with revised L serials was published in 1993; in this volume the date for N7562 has been changed to 18.7.40; the date for N7557 is unchanged.

    Was Montrose bombed in 1942 on the exact anniversary of the 1940 bombing (ref Henks recent posting “Unaccounted airmen 18.7.40)? Or was the entry against N7557 in the original edition a typo, which was overlooked when making the corrections for the second edition?


    David Molyneux

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    Default Re: W/O dates for Masters N7557 and N7562

    The appendix CD to the excellent Air-Britain book "Miles Aircraft - The Wartime Years" confirms that both N7557 and N7562 were lost in an air-raid on Montrose on 18.7.40.
    The strike dates for the aircraft confirm the year (24.7.40 for N7557, 26.7.40 for N7562)

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