I have a cigarette case belonging to a POW who was shot down in January 1944. It was signed in the prison camp by several of his POW mates including Bill (?) Docherty (?) who was a Spitfire pilot (although it might have been another Fighter type) who was shot down close to the Albanian coast line. I do not know the date of this.
A Walrus aircraft, alerted presumably by the returning members of his Squadron, then landed to try to rescue him. He swam out towards the plane but it was forced to take off without him due to either German troops appearing on the beach and firing at it or perhaps German fighters making and appearance. Anyway Bill was captured and ended up in the same camp as my friend.
Does this story sound familiar to anyone? If so can you give me the details so I can research the matter further?
The annoying thing is that years before I was given the Cigarette case I read an account of the incident but now I cant remember where! Does anyone know the book it is in?
The case was also signed by a chap called Seery, an Australian and I have no more info on him.