Hi everyone.

My Grandfather, Norman.A.Quick, 130698 was a Flight Lieutenant, Navigator on Lancasters during WW2.
i have his Identity Card, Service Release book, Flying Logs, Cap and Identity disks.
From his Flying Logs I've learned he was with 102 and 150 Squadrons on Halifax and Lancasters. He trained on Anson, Halifax, Wellington and Lancasters.

I'm trying to find out as much as I can while I wait for his Service File to come through from RAF Disclosures.
Ive found a few entries in London Gazette but wondered if anyone can help further please? I'd love to see a nominal roll, squadron photo or something like that if they exist.

He joined 26 O.T.U in April 1942, flying Anson and Wellingtons. He moved to 1652 Conv unit in April 1943 flying Halifax. In June 1943 he moved to 102 Squadron flying Halifax. He went to 1667 Heavy Conversion unit for a bit then in November 1944 he joined 150 Squadron on Lancasters.

Thank you