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    I have a medal to a WW1 RFC POW who was captured by the Bulgarians. Does anyone know how many RFC aircrew were POWs in WW1.
    Additionally he was held captive in Philipopolis (Plovdiv) in Bulgaria, does anyone have any info/ links on this prisoner of war camp, if indeed it was a camp
    cheers james

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    Trevor Henshaw, in his 'The Sky Their Battlefield - air fighting and the complete list of allied air casualties from enemy action in the first war, British, Commonwealth, and United States Air Services 1914 to 1918', has a table on page 575 showing a total of 1771 PoW. This relates to aircrew only so the actual figure will have been a little higher (a number of RFC personnel were captured by the Turks at Kut in 1916, for instance).


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    Default RAF POWs WW!

    There is a commonwealth war cemetery in Plovdiv, Bulgaria (formerly Philipopolis) where those interred are from the First War, and I suspect are mainly POWs. The only RAF grave is that of Flt Lt Charles William Greig RAF and formerly RNAS, age 23. He died on 12 Sep 1918. I only know this because although I am british, I live in Plovdiv and found it by accident.

    The interesting point is that Greig has a stone column headstone, whilst all the others are the standard stone rectangle with name plate.

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