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    Another Long shot here , i recently bought in auction a collection of items belonging to 1173415 JT Thierens RAF .

    the items included Dog Tags , a whistle an escape compass , the dog tags of which there were two included a fibre one and a metal one , the whistle was like a policemans type whistle was this type used by the RAF before the latter type ditching whistle ?

    can anyone help with any info regarding JT Thierens RAF i searched the CWGC site and it would appear he survived the war ? and information forthcoming would be most welcome

    TIA Phill Jones

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    You don't say what else you have done to research this man, e.g. searching the London Gazette, Armed Forces Memorial, POW Lists. All are available online and free to do. A brief outline of what you have done would prevent others duplicating the effort.

    The first port of call for me would be to find his card in the AIR 78 list (available for free download on TNA website). That should give you his full name. With that you should be able to find him on Ancestry or Find My Past. While it is an unusual name, it is most doubtful that you will find much on his wartime service (but you never know!). If you can meet the criteria, however, you may be able to apply for his service record and that will potentially open many more doors.


    In fond memory of Corporal James Oakland AGC (RMP), killed in action in Afghanistan on 22 October 2009. Exemplo Ducemus.

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