Good morning every body,
I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Pierre TILLET, son of a former SUSSEX agent. I'm working on a tentative of history of civilians and military agents (BCRA, Commandos, JEDBURGHS, OSS, SAS, SIS, SOE, SUSSEX/OSSEX, SUSSEX/BRISSEX & PROUST) infiltrated into France (or exfiltrated) during the WWII by parachute, by plane landings and/or by sea landings.
I've a lot of difficulties to find informations such as DZ location, related to SIS or/and BCRA operations such as: Syringa, Clam/Outclass, Wygelia, Roach, Nasturtium, etc.
Could you, please, help me to find any information related to these operations?.
Thank you very much,
Happy Easter