On 22 April 1944 the Ju 188 F-1 WNr 280215 A6+PH of 1.(F)/120 disappeared with its whole crew during a reconnaissance flight from Sola to Thurso Bay, Scotland.

Crew (all lost):
Uffz. Günter Poltrock (pilot)
Uffz. Walter Przybyllok (observer)
Obgfr. Heinz Schwind (radio)
Uffz. Herbert Schönfeld (flight engineer)


I checked the Fighter Command War Diaries book for this date and it saids that a pair of patrolling Spitfire pilots found a Ju 88 south-east of Ronaldsway Island, which they claimed to have destroyed. The summary table below list one claim for a destroyed for 501 Sqn, the only SPitfire claim for the day.

Problem is that there is no combat report for this day for 501 Sqn, and it was based in Kent, so the probability of an interception off Scotland is remote. On the other hand, the combat reports of two pilots of 504 Sqn, Flg Off Waslyk and Flt Sgt Thorne, on 22 april 1944 are available on the National Archives (but not free). And 504 was based then in Scotland, so I guess the 501 in the FCWD book is a typo.

Can someone confirm this and give me the full names of the involved pilots ?

Thanks in advance