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Thread: Wireworm club - membership criteria

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    Default Wireworm club - membership criteria

    Can anyone please supply membership criteria for the Wireworm club

    I have seen that it is if you survived any collision with a barrage balloon or survived a bale out after a collision with a barrage balloon. I suspect the former rather than former. The earliest record I have for it's existence is April 1940 but has anyone got a rough date and it's first members?

    Thanks Paul

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    I came across this 'Title' when researching for my book 'Goldfish Caterpillars & Guinea Pigs' as I wanted to include every known associated club available to Pilots and Aircrews in WWII. I located nothing more than fleeting references and nothing with any substance despite ranging as far as was practicable. Obviously your example with an escape by parachute would entitle the individual to join one of the Caterpillar Clubs. Alas with such scant information I did not include reference to the wireworms in my publication. It would however be good to hear if more information comes forward. colin.

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    On 25th October 1942 No.16 Squadron pilot Eric Martin had a narrow escape for after hitting a barrage balloon cable, he flew back to Andover with a piece of his aircraft’s wing missing and a bullet through the tail.

    My father wrote …‘After the excitement of yesterday I had almost forgotten it was my birthday until I received my presents. They very nearly came to grief, as the pilot who flew them over here from Weston Zoyland, hit a barrage balloon cable on route. He arrived here badly cut about and his Mustang came in with a lot of its tail missing.’

    Am I right in thinking that Barrage balloons had some sort of charges on them which exploded when hit by an aircraft?
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