I am researching my uncle who was RAF 39-45. I have found these entries from the operations log of 462 sqn RAAF in Sept 43, my uncle is flight engineer in both cases.

24th/25th Sept W1169 S flyís on a sortie and states aircraft returned safely to base.
27th/28th Sept BB321 S flyís on a sortie returned to base, crashed and burned.

After the 25th Sept until the end of Feb 44 there is no mention of W1169 flying a sortie again, I have read it was SOC 1st March 44. I am not sure if BB321 had flown before but it didnít again, from another site I have learned that it entered service between Mar - Jul 1943 so not brand new it seems. W1169 had been around since Jan - Jul 1942 and had flown on the squadron first sortie in Sept 42.

Both aircraft had the code letter S. My question is would a squadron have in active service at the same time two aircraft with the same code letter?

I am thinking that W1169 ended its service on 25th Sept for whatever reason and BB321 was either new or new to the squadron and took its code letter.

Also if anyone has any more information on W1169 or BB321 or pictures of them that would be appreciated, he also flew BB333 J, BB386, BB424, BB430. He crashed in BB430 too after undercarriage failure 2 Nov 43. I have been looking for pictures of these aircraft with no luck.