I have been looking through 10-year-old notes taken from interviews with an RCAF Lancaster pilot (deceased) who completed a 30-op tour on an RAF squadron from late November 1944 to May 1945. From the notes, the pilot mentions being called in periodically for a psychological assessment. The pilot added that the purpose of the assessment was to determine if he was medically fit to continue flying ops.
A member of the pilot's family says that he was psychologically assessed before being sent to the operational squadron and then again after every 5 ops. Another family member recalls the pilot referring to the assessments by a nickname (something like "psych-test") but can't remember the exact phrase, and that when the pilot felt the interview was drawing to a close he would try and crack a light-hearted joke to show the Medical Officer that he still had a sense of humour.
Recently, I have been trying to find out more about the subject. This particular pilot did not have any related problems before or after the war. I am researching the subject solely for the purpose of research; I am not researching this topic for the purpose of identifying problems in any individual or individuals.
I can't seem to find anything published or written on the topic.
So, if anyone has anything to add it will be appreciated.