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    Default London Gazette Alternative Search Engine

    At the following link you will find a series of alternative search engines for the London Gazette between 1 January 1939 and 31 December 1945.

    Search for Surname and Service Number
    This produces a tailored query to the Gazette that auto completes the option boxes and gives search results in similar manner to the old Advanced Search function.

    Search for Surname and Any Initial
    This uses the new index method to allow a search for any forename initial or name associated with a surname. Where the initial is located eg first/middle/last does not matter for this search.

    The final three search methods are tailored to allow the entries of Edition/Page and Date/Page in printed works on Military Awards (Maton, Carter etc) to be found directly.

    Search by Edition Number

    This produces a hyperlink to the first page of any specified Edition of the London Gazette.

    Search between dates
    This produces a list of all the Edition hyperlinks between two dates.

    Search by Year and Page

    Entering a year followed by a particular page number will produce a hyperlink to display the selected page without needing to enter the Edition Number.

    All search methods have an example included above the search boxes to demonstrate function.

    As an example of work flow try the recent enquiry

    P/O H T Turner

    Use the Search by Surname and Initial (Turner H) to find the link to the page which contains the match.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter 1944 and 2284 into the year and page search box.
    This will give the link to the page where his service number can be found

    Now do a Search by Surname and Service Number (Turner 160741)
    This will display on the Gazette all the pages where he is listed (first link is a scan error), including the Gazette Edition 36542 when his DFC award was listed.

    Have a play and see if it helps in your Gazette searches.

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