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    Default Historical research on wooden bombs

    Hello, i'm french and I am currently carrying out historical research on an astonishing tale from World War II: the dropping of bombs by the Allies on dummy German airfields or on wooden dummy installations at authentic airfields. These tales can be found everywhere in France, Belgium, German, North Africa, Holland and Finland, etc. They are not rumours and some have been checked out and ruled genuine by reliable witnesses. Photographic proof exists and some of these bombs can even be found in museums (as in Sainte-Mère l'Eglise). My research has shown that these facts concerned fighter-bombers and were not part of operations planned by military hierarchy, so they can only be initiatives taken by individual pilots with or without permission from the Squadron leader. I am therefore looking for evidence from veterans or someone close who could contribute, whether a pilot, an armourer or just RAF or USAF ground crew. All contributions or evidence will be welcome. Thank you in advance for your help.

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