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Thread: Navy/Army/Air Force List Alternative Search Engine

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    Default Navy/Army/Air Force List Alternative Search Engine

    This alternative search engine uses the scans and searchable text of British Military Lists for 1939 - 1945 stored on the National Library of Scotland Digital Gallery Page.

    At the moment Navy and Air Force Lists are complete and searchable from Jan 1939 to July 1945, Army list is Jan 1939 and 1940 only but I will populate this over the next few days and post an update notice.

    The format is to select a list eg Air Force then enter a Year and Surname. All the available lists for that Year will be shown along with a link to the NLS Digital Collection.

    The link is tailored to contain the search details for that surname in the particular edition. Clicking the link will bring up all the matching pages as a new window.

    The Air Force List can be used as a complement the London Gazette Alternative search engine and is a simpler way to find service/personal number for a surname and can be use to give the full forenames that are missing from Gazette entries of this period.

    The Navy List recognises that Naval Officers were not issued with service/personal numbers and provides an additional list of where serving. If the correct establishment abbreviation is used then the Navy List can be used to find out where an officer was posted.

    Detachments are not recorded in the Navy List so Sub/Lt R E Gardner is show in the August 1940 Navy List as serving at Daedalus (RNAS Lee-on-Solent) rather than flying with No.242 Squadron RAF. Used with care it provides a way of locating Fleet Air Arm Officers to a ship or shore establishment.

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    Ross, just noticed that the link in your post is dead. Here is an alternative to the same place via a different route:


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