On the night 15/16 Oct 1942 No.3 Group sent 22 Wellingtons to attack Cologne (15 from 115 Sqn and 7 from 75 Sqn). According to the Interception/tactics Report No 196/42 these aircraft had 6 encounters with enemy night fighters. Neither of the squadron ORBs have any information about these encounters but with the help of Combat reports from 115 Sqn I have been able to link 4 encounters to 115 Sqn but I need help with the remaining 2:

xvi) AACHEN. 2212 hrs. 12,000 ft. Me.110 slightly above Wellington III from port quarter. Our A/C turned in and rear gunner fired two bursts from 100 yds. Glow seen later on the ground.

xix) COLOGNE. 2127 hrs. 7,000 ft. Unidentified E/A slightly below travelling same direction. Rear gunner fired one burst no result observed. Wellington III.

I hope someone has a Night raid report or any other document that can link these encounters to any of the involved units or even better the involved crews. I am mainly interested in first encounter that seems to have resulted in a claim for at least a Probable.

Thanks in advance,