Found this today:

The Pilot was #24356 2nd/Lt Alberto Honore "Santy" Santa Maria a pilot from the US who joined the RFC in WW1 via Canada

why was I looking ?

I wondered if he classified as one of my "pre-war commonwealth bale-outs". As initially all I knew was he was a ex RFC/RAF Pilot. He doesn't as he was a US Citizen, however on 11 Jan 1931 he was a pilot of a 103rd Observation Squadron of the 28th Division, Pennsylvania National Guard in a Consolidated Biplane (probably Consolidated PT-1 Trusty) who was providing instruction to Sergeant Garland C. Brantley when the plane dived at a height 3.000 ft over the Delaware River, Philadelphia. Brantley refused to jump and was killed, Santa Maria used his parachute. Santa Maria was uninjured although his parachute fouled in a trestle over the ship ways at the navy yard and held him suspended 125 feet in the air until sailors rescued him.