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Thread: Typhoon 438 Sqdn crashlanding in Belgium

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    Default Typhoon 438 Sqdn crashlanding in Belgium

    Hello ,

    On october 7th 1944 a Typhoon from N 438 Sqdn made a wheels up landing in a field near the village off Lantremange ( east of the town of Waremme ) in Belgium.Can someone identify this machine and the fate of his pilot.


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    Hi Alain
    For the 7th Oct'44 2nd TAF Vol 2 records only 1 loss for 438 Sqn. Typhoon 1B, MP135, "G", flown by F/Lt A B Newsome(KIA).Reported as shot down by Flak, S Coesfeld at around mid-day. There is no mention of how it hit the ground.

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    Default 438 Sqn force-landing 7 October 44

    Hello Alain & Dick
    I think this incident may be a forced landing made by Flg Off F.R.F.Skelly (OK) who put down in a field "near Trun, east of Brussels" - he was lost and presumably running out of fuel. This info comes from the 'Accident card' which is hand written and difficult to decipher. The serial is quoted as PD497 and the damage category 'Ac', ie. repairable locally. This may well be correct as the Form 78 for PD497, although it has no mention of 438 sqn, has it missing on an undecipherable date in 1944; then it appears with 440 Sqn by 4 Jan 45. This is consistent with it having been recovered and repaired by a local R&SU. It appears in 440's ORB in December 44 and was lost in action on 3 Feb 45 as I8-K.

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    Alain Guest

    Default 438 Sqdn

    Hi Chris ,

    I think you found the right one.On the phot i saw of the Thunderbolt they only damage were some bended propblades. Also the area " near Trun , east of Brussels " would be alright. You see the town off St-Trond ( Trun ) is not so far from the landingsite and is east of Brussels.


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