A new index has been added to Discovery for the HO 250 set of records on Civil Defence Gallantry Awards at The National Archives.

It now allows you to identify individual names for actions.


Case Number: 116. Name: Olive Jago.
Age: 17.
Occupation: Civilian, Edgware.
Brief Summary of Ground for Recommendation:
Protection of boy from severe burning at scene of crashed Hurricane at Edgware, [London] on 15 August 1940.



Case Number: 2133.
Name: Reginald Ernest Tipple.
Age: 35.
Occupation: Sergeant Home Guard, Norfolk.
Brief Summary of Ground for Recommendation:
Rescue of crew of crashed and burning Lancaster aircraft at High Acre House at Harpley, [Norfolk] on 23 November 1943.



Case Number: 2158. Name: Christine Madge Chester.
Age: 18.
Occupation: Civilian, Worcestershire.
Brief Summary of Ground for Recommendation:
Assistance in the rescue of the pilot from a crashed Beaufighter aircraft at Guarlford, [Worcestershire] on 26 April 1944.


The details in the files are not yet digitised but the index forms a great new resource for adding the actions of Civilians and Civil Defence to our aircraft related musings.

Have a play with searches on Lancaster and HO 250, Spitfire and HO 250 etc to see what it can do for you.