Dear all,

During my research for the NJWD 2nd edition, I have documented 18 Flak claims during the 22/23 November 1943 Berlin raid; I've been able so far to positively match 12 of these to actual Bomber Command losses. I would be most grateful if anyone could fill in any of the remaining six Flak claims and identify the aircraft that can be tied to these claims:

-20.05 hrs, a Lancaster by 3. and 4./662 and 5./516 at Berlin-Haselhorst (east of Spandau).
-20.05 hrs, a Lancaster by 3. and 5./516 at Berlin-Wedding, Brüsselerstrasse.
-20.10 hrs, a Stirling by 1.-4./513 and 2./662 at Berlin Südwest 29 (meaning a postal area in SW Berlin) Urbanstrasse, Bezirk Friedrichshain.
-20.17 hrs, a Lancaster by 2.-4./662 at Berlin Westend, Spandauerstrasse.
-20.27 hrs, a Lancaster by 1.-3./513 at Berlin-Wilmersdorf.
-21.30 hrs, a Lancaster by 2./521, 1./461 (RAD), 207/XI. Lei, 5./461 Grossb. and 5./461 (RAD) at Yoga (?, undecipherable, probably Hannover area).

Cheers and thanks, Theo