All references I have to this say that it crashed at night on the 25th Feb 1938, on reflection I am not so sure.

I have addressed this crash before

The 25 Sqn ORB says

25/3/38 580308 (sic) Sgt Smith P. Lost at night - aircraft eventually abandoned - and landed by parachute near Martlesham Heath - This is Sgt Pilot Philip Richard Smith #580208

The aircraft crashed in a field at Ramsholt, approximately 4 miles from where pilot landed in the forecourt of Woodhall Manor, Shottisham which was being rented to Alexander Norman Carruthers. Smith used his phone to ring Martlesham Heath.

The issue I have is the date. the first record I have for this is on the Friday 25 February 1938 , Lancashire Evening Post. Which as it says is an evening paper. It states "A machine which crashed last night near Woodbridge, Suffolk, was found completely wrecked in a field" - To me this indicates that it was actually on 24th Feb. Unless Smith was flying really really early in the morning.

I was wondering if anyone could pin down the actual date?